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The London branch of the Shiatsu College is conveniently located only 1 minute walk from Brixton tube station at the light and airy Gong Bodywork (formerly known as Brixton Acupuncture and Shiatsu Space, BASS), a health and wellbeing project in the heart of Brixton just a few minutes from the famous vibrant Brixton market with a mix of vintage clothes, international food and bakers market. Our students come from across the south to the London branch and are able to study short courses, attend grass-roots events as well as accredited Acupressure and Shiatsu trainings.

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Gong Bodywork (formerly known as Brixton Acupuncture and Shiatsu Space, BASS), Studio 2, 34/44 Tunstall Road, London. SW9 8DA


0208 671 0909


The London branch also runs fully supervised, monthly student clinics. For more information and booking info please email Christian Huber or see the Events listing below.

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Dates for 2018/19:

Acupressure Certificate (Year 1)

Term 1

Sep 22-23 2018
Oct 27-28
Nov 17-18
Dec 15-16

Term 2

Jan 26-17 2019
Feb 9-10
Mar 2-3
Apr 6-7

Term 3

May 11-12
(May 17-20: The Residential: included in Yr 3, optional for Yrs 1 & 2)*
Jun 1-2
Jun 29-30

Year 2

Term 1

Sep 15-16 2018
Oct 13-14
Nov 3-4
Dec 8-9

Term 2

Jan 12-13 2019
Feb 9-10
Mar 16-17
Apr 20-21

Term 3

May 11-12
(May 17-20: The Residential: included in Yr 3, optional for Yrs 1 & 2)*
Jun 1-2
Jul 13-14

Year 3

Term 1

Sep 15-16 2018
Oct 13-14
Nov 3-4
Dec 8-9

Term 2

Jan 12-13 2019
Feb 23-24
Mar 16-17
Apr 20-21

Term 3

May 17-20: The Residential (included in Yr 3, optional for Yrs 1 & 2)*
Jun 8-9
Jul 13-14

* The College runs a very popular annual Residential course as part of the Diploma training. This is now open to all levels, including post-graduate students from our linked international project New Energy Work ( Diploma students are required to attend the Residential as part of their Year 3

Fees for 2018/19:

Year 1

(Acupressure Certificate)

(includes online Anatomy course)

Year 2

(Shiatsu Diploma)

(includes online Physiology & Pathology course)

Year 3

(Shiatsu Diploma)

(includes online Physiology & Pathology course; May Residential)

All fees include registration with LASER learning for course accreditation.

Dates for 2017/18:

Term 3 (Yr 1)

Apr 28-29
Jun 2-3
Jun 30 / Jul 1
Jul 21-22

Term 3 (Yrs 2 & 3)

Apr 21-22
May 12-13
Jun 9-10
Jul 14-15

Additional Workshops & Classes:

Advanced Shiatsu Energy Work – with Cliff Andrews @ Gong Bodywork
Nov 14 @ 9:30 am – 6:00 pm
Intensive Small Group workshop with Cliff Andrews
Open to Shiatsu Graduates 
In this intensive day workshop Cliff will be guiding you to reflect on and develop your own Shiatsu knowledge and techniques. The themes will be developed from the group and will be build around a one:one tutorial with Cliff. The group is limited to 10 students to ensure personal feedback and guidance to take your Shiatsu to the next level. In the workshop we will be exploring themes such as:
  • How to clarify your Shiatsu diagnosis to focus your treatments
  • Developing your Shiatsu touch to increase your effectiveness
  • Connecting theory to practice to enhance your understanding
  • Be able to assess Ki movement as you work

Limited spaces. To book please email Jane Lyons at

Cliff Andrews 
Cliff is an international Shiatsu teacher and practitioner. He has taught throughout Europe, the USA and in Australia, and practices in Norwich and Zurich. He is currently taking a break from international teaching and directing the project documenting his 30 years of work in developing Shiatsu in a series of video based online courses. Cliff is known for his friendly, approachable, supportive and humorous approach to teaching Shiatsu Energy Work.
Extraordinary Vessels, Menstruation, Conception and Pregnancy – Suzanne Yates @ Gong Bodywork
Jan 19 @ 9:30 am – Jan 20 @ 5:30 pm
Extraordinary Vessels, Menstruation, Conception and Pregnancy - Suzanne Yates @ Gong Bodywork

Open to Shiatsu Practitioners

TO BOOK please email for a booking form or to ask questions.

Learn the importance of the Extraordinary Vessels for female clients: understand the changes in the menstrual cycle and key changes in pregnancy.

You may or may not be working with women trying to conceive and pregnant women, but you feel that you would like a deeper understanding of how to support women and their families during this potentially challenging yet exciting time. You may even be afraid or unsure of how to work with certain aspects of pregnancy. The most effective way to support conception,  pregnancy, and indeed the whole maternity period is to include work with the Core Four Extraordinary Vessels, not simply Conception and Governing Vessel. This course will help you understand more fully the powerful Extraordinary Vessels.

You will:

  • Understand why the key Extraordinary Vessels of Penetrating Vessel (Sea of Blood) and Girdle Vessel are so fundamental to menstruation, conception and pregnancy
  • Learn key changes during the menstrual cycle and pregnancy
  • Learn positioning issues for pregnancy
  • Understand more about your own connection to the menstrual cycle and pregnancy
  • Learn how to work sensitively and effectively with low risk women in the second and third trimester


About Trainer Suzanne Yates

Suzanne is a body-worker and birth educator, BA (Hons), DipHSEC, MRSS(T), APNT, PGCE

Suzanne has been developing a holistic approach to maternity since 1989. Motivated by her first pregnancy, she began to deepen her professional shiatsu and massage work to specialise in maternity care. She established ‘Well Mother’ in 1990, teaching shiatsu, massage and exercise to women and their partners in Bristol, UK, to help them connect with the wisdom of their body.

As well as her clinical work in Bristol, she runs training courses world wide for massage/shiatsu therapists, midwives and childbirth educators. She has written 3 books; “Shiatsu for Midwives” (Elsevier 2003), “Beautiful Birth” (for parents, Caroll and Brown 2008) and “Pregnancy and Childbirth (Elsevier 2010). Her passion is in integrating eastern and approaches to provide holistic maternity care.

Find out more about Suzanne’s work or visit Well Mother youtube channel

Please click here to visit the Workshops & Classes page for a list of all of the events from every branch of the Shiatsu College

London Teaching Team:

Jane Lyons BA(Hons) ITEC MRSS(T) – Branch Principal

Jane Lyons is passionate about Shiatsu and she loves the honesty and integrity of the connection that it allows between people. Her students particularly love the clarity, energy, imagination and humour of her teaching. Jane has been teaching Shiatsu since 1991, she is also a Ki Aikido Teacher, an approved Shiatsu Society (UK) assessor, a trained Massage Therapist, a visual artist and member of the Ki Federation of Great Britain.

Matt Woods MRSS(T)

Matt Woods enjoys the magical mix of the profound and the humorous, in both his daily life and his teaching of Shiatsu. He is a Sei-Ki, Qigong and Taiji practitioner as well as a Shiatsu practitioner with experience in palliative care for people living with HIV & AIDS. He currently works at the Brighton Housing Trust Detox & Recovery Projects. Matt has had a lifelong interest in self-development and energy work, which grew originally from a meditation and yoga practice. As well as Shiatsu Matt continues to study and practise Sei-Ki.

Annie Cryar BSc Cert.Ed(1974) MRSS(T)

Annie is Principal of the Shiatsu College, Hastings. She started her career as a teacher in primary schools in the early 1970‘s and her interest in the art of teaching continues to the present day. Annie has a wide range of teaching experience and has mentored teacher-trainees in both mainstream education and for the UK Shiatsu Society. Annie is a member of the Shiatsu Society’s teacher trainer panel and has worked with The Shiatsu College teacher training programme, she has also assisted on the National College of School Leadership, a professional programme for head teachers. She gained a qualification in Internal Verification in 2010. Annie was inspired to practise Qigong through the teaching of Nicola Ley and Paul Lundberg and has more recently studied with Sifu Wing Cheung. She has taught Qigong, Yoga and Shiatsu for the past nineteen years. She is committed to helping students find the best in themselves to teach the form, the essence and the spirit of Qigong.

Catherine Burnett BEd MRSS(T)

Catherine graduated as a teacher of Physical Education with Dance in 1993 and her teaching background led her to a career in management training and development. She was responsible for the design and delivery of development workshops and one to one coaching, including stress management and the art of facilitation. A registered teacher with the Shiatsu Society, she enjoys sharing in the wonder of our connection with Qi and the natural world. Since 2007 she has been training with Sifu Wing Cheung, who inspired her to spread the benefits of Qigong to the wider community. She has worked in partnership with the N.H.S., E.S.C.C., Hastings Borough Council and Rother District Council on various community well being projects. The combination of the ancient wisdom of Taoism and new perspectives in Energy Medicine continues to influence her teaching. Catherine is passionate about the integration of Shiatsu and Qigong into mainstream healthcare

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