Shiatsu College Hastings

Our venue St Leonards Studio, 3 Grand Parade, overlooks the sea. Which gives us plenty of opportunities to sit on the beach! St Leonards has a thriving and creative community spirit with a host of interesting shops, galleries and cafés. Affordable overnight accommodation is offered by local graduates of the College.


St Leonards Studio, 3 Grand Parade , St Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex TN38 0DD


07722 868397



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Dates for 2020:

January 25-26

February 22-23

March 21-22

April 3-6*

April  18-19

May 16-17

June 6-7

July 4-5

* The College runs a very popular annual Residential course as part of the Diploma training. This is now open to all levels, including post-graduate students from our linked international project New Energy Work ( Diploma students are required to attend the Residential as part of their Year 3

Fees for 2020:

Year 1

(Acupressure Certificate)

(includes online Anatomy course & LASER registration)

Year 2

(Shiatsu Diploma)

(includes online Physiology & Pathology course and LASER registration)

Year 3

(Shiatsu Diploma)

(includes online Physiology & Pathology, LASER registration and 3 day Residential)



Please click here to visit the Workshops & Classes page for a list of all of the events from every branch of the Shiatsu College

Community Sessions


Yoga for all with Annie Cryar
Westfield Community Hall, Westfield
£5 per session. 6 – 7pm


Qigong Community Class with Catherine Burnett
St Mary in the Castle, Pelham Cresent, Hastings
£2.50 per session. 11.30am – 12.30 pm

Yoga, inspired by Scaravelli, with Annie Cryar
St Leonards Studio, 3 Grand Parade
£7 per session. 5.30 – 7 pm


Qigong Community Class with Catherine Burnett
Concordia Hall, St Leonards on Sea
£2.50 per session. 10.30 – 11.30 am

Hastings Teaching Team:

Mark Barwell CET FwSS

Mark has been developing his spiritual and healing abilities since 1996, focusing on four main strands: Shiatsu, Reiki, Shamanism and massage/bodywork. He is a teacher, practitioner, facilitator and guide in each of these areas, combining compassion with creativity to help people to move forward with their lives and wellbeing. Mark’s design and art work encourages an organic connection to form and function and this flows alongside the main motivation of his path: that of helping others to help themselves.

Catherine Burnett BEd FwSS

Catherine graduated as a teacher of Physical Education with Dance in 1993 and her teaching background led her to a career in management training and development. She was responsible for the design and delivery of development workshops and one to one coaching, including stress management and the art of facilitation. A registered teacher with the Shiatsu Society, she enjoys sharing in the wonder of our connection with Qi and the natural world. Since 2007 she has been training with Sifu Wing Cheung, who inspired her to spread the benefits of Qigong to the wider community. She has worked in partnership with the N.H.S., E.S.C.C., Hastings Borough Council and Rother District Council on various community well being projects. The combination of the ancient wisdom of Taoism and new perspectives in Energy Medicine continues to influence her teaching. Catherine is passionate about the integration of Shiatsu and Qigong into mainstream healthcare

Annie Cryar BSc Cert.Ed(1974) FwSS ( Head of Branch)

Annie qualified as a teacher (QTS) in the early 1970‘s. With 40 years of teaching experience, her interest in the art of teaching and passion for real learning continues to the present day. Annie’s Yoga practice also spans decades and she qualified to teach Scaravelli inspired Yoga, at the same time discovering Qigong as part of her Shiatsu studies through the teaching of Nicola Ley and Paul Lundberg. She has more recently studied with Sifu Wing Cheung. She is committed to helping students find the best in themselves to teach the form, the essence and the spirit of Shiatsu, Qigong and Yoga. Her love of Shiatsu and its amazing potential for supporting well being has never diminished.

Rose Fuhrmann PhD MA Cert.Ed FwSS

Rose’s life and work are rooted in a deep understanding of ‘The Way’. She brings a depth of knowledge of Chinese Medicine, of the foundations of Shiatsu and of energy work to her teaching. Rose has a Doctorate in theology and a Masters in Sports Science and has brought her rigor to all aspects of the Shiatsu world. She has taught all levels of Shiatsu from beginners to post graduate and has also worked as a member of the support team in mainstream schools, working with language, special needs and PSHE departments. Rose is an experienced Qigong teacher specialising in Qigong for students and practitioners of therapies within other fields of energy healing such as Osteopathy, Alexander Therapy and Cranio-Sacral Therapy. Rose is also a Voice Work practitioner; she brings many skills to her teaching of Shiatsu.