Shibashi Set 1 Workshop – ‘Tai Chi Qigong’

April 28, 2019 @ 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
Yoga Tree
50 All Saints Green
Norwich NR1 3NB
£40 per class
Jon Higgins
07825 915 281
Shibashi Set 1 Workshop - ‘Tai Chi Qigong’ @ Yoga Tree

Come and learn the Shibashi system of Tai Chi Qigong: an accessible set of 18 movements and Qigong principles that harmonise body, breath and mind. Develop active relaxation, internal strength, vitality and awareness

The Shibashi system works to align and open the major joints and structures of the body, releasing tension and stagnation with gentle and flowing movements. While training the mind and breath to settle more fully into the body we’ll be cultivating the lower Dan Tian -an important energetic centre for improving health and longevity

The day will include moving, standing, seated and lying down Qigong practices and will outline the basic concepts and principles of Qigong. There will also be some gentle strengthening and flexibility practices, effectively to prepare the body for energetic or internal work

These workshops are suitable for beginners and will provide a foundation for developing a Qigong practice at home

Contact Jon: / 07825 915 281 /