Workshops, Classes & Events

The Shiatsu College offers a wide variety of workshops, events, short courses, local community grassroots initiatives and more. Courses include introductory Shiatsu workshops, for beginners to find out more about this wonderful healing art, as well as a rolling programme of related topics for all levels, from complete beginners to master classes. Workshops vary between the regional Branches and are updated regularly

Workshops are for:

  • Complete beginners – to gain practical skills in working with your own energies and in helping others
  • Complementary Therapists – to add to the skills you already have
  • Professional Shiatsu Practitioner Diploma students 
  • All Shiatsu students, practitioners & teachers – to develop and expand your practice of Shiatsu and energy work

For CPD opportunities please visit, join the New Energy Work Emailing list to receive news or check with your local branch

Shiatsu College Residential

The Shiatsu College’s famously popular Residential has changed format in recent years and combined with our annual Teachers’ Meeting. We’ve opened it out to invite all students: welcoming 1st Year Acupressure Certificate level and 2nd Year Zen Shiatsu students, as well as 3rd year Diploma students and all past Graduates! Click here for more details.


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The Norwich Shiatsu College branch has a quarterly e-mailing list which sends you up to date information on regional workshops to your inbox! Visit the Norwich Branch page to sign up.


Foundations of Holistic Acupressure @ Brighton
Oct 6 – Dec 10 all-day
Foundations of Holistic Acupressure @ Brighton

Over 3 weekends, learn how to give simple, effective Acupressure whilst benefiting your own well-being.  Gain insights into your own energies and health.  Relax, calm the mind and celebrate your own creativity and potential.

Themes covered include:

  • Shiatsu routines in different positions
  • Grounding and support
  • Love and mindfulness
  • Power and potential

This course runs for 3 weekends: Oct 6/7 (also available as our Introduction to Holistic Acupressure, for those who can’t make the subsequent weekends) Nov 10/11; Dec 8/9.  Alternatively, you can join us for one or two of the weekend.

All welcome  – beginners, improvers and therapists wanting to broaden their skills.

For more information and to register for the morning please contact Debbie on 01273 782872 or email on the link above

Grassroots Shiatsu: Breathe and Let Go @ Brighton
Nov 10 @ 10:00 am – 1:15 pm

Come and learn about the beauty of the metal element which supports us to release and let go of what we no longer need in our life.

These morning sessions are for people who are either:

  • interested in these studies but have limited time to dedicate to it
  • want to support and improve their own health and well-being
  • want fun, regular input into their own self-development

For more information and to register for the morning please contact Debbie on 01273 782872 or email on the link above.

Advanced Shiatsu Energy Work – with Cliff Andrews @ Gong Bodywork
Nov 14 @ 9:30 am – 6:00 pm
Intensive Small Group workshop with Cliff Andrews
Open to Shiatsu Graduates 
In this intensive day workshop Cliff will be guiding you to reflect on and develop your own Shiatsu knowledge and techniques. The themes will be developed from the group and will be build around a one:one tutorial with Cliff. The group is limited to 10 students to ensure personal feedback and guidance to take your Shiatsu to the next level. In the workshop we will be exploring themes such as:
  • How to clarify your Shiatsu diagnosis to focus your treatments
  • Developing your Shiatsu touch to increase your effectiveness
  • Connecting theory to practice to enhance your understanding
  • Be able to assess Ki movement as you work

Limited spaces. To book please email Jane Lyons at

Cliff Andrews 
Cliff is an international Shiatsu teacher and practitioner. He has taught throughout Europe, the USA and in Australia, and practices in Norwich and Zurich. He is currently taking a break from international teaching and directing the project documenting his 30 years of work in developing Shiatsu in a series of video based online courses. Cliff is known for his friendly, approachable, supportive and humorous approach to teaching Shiatsu Energy Work.
Extraordinary Vessels, Menstruation, Conception and Pregnancy – Suzanne Yates @ Gong Bodywork
Jan 19 @ 9:30 am – Jan 20 @ 5:30 pm
Extraordinary Vessels, Menstruation, Conception and Pregnancy - Suzanne Yates @ Gong Bodywork

Open to Shiatsu Practitioners

TO BOOK please email for a booking form or to ask questions.

Learn the importance of the Extraordinary Vessels for female clients: understand the changes in the menstrual cycle and key changes in pregnancy.

You may or may not be working with women trying to conceive and pregnant women, but you feel that you would like a deeper understanding of how to support women and their families during this potentially challenging yet exciting time. You may even be afraid or unsure of how to work with certain aspects of pregnancy. The most effective way to support conception,  pregnancy, and indeed the whole maternity period is to include work with the Core Four Extraordinary Vessels, not simply Conception and Governing Vessel. This course will help you understand more fully the powerful Extraordinary Vessels.

You will:

  • Understand why the key Extraordinary Vessels of Penetrating Vessel (Sea of Blood) and Girdle Vessel are so fundamental to menstruation, conception and pregnancy
  • Learn key changes during the menstrual cycle and pregnancy
  • Learn positioning issues for pregnancy
  • Understand more about your own connection to the menstrual cycle and pregnancy
  • Learn how to work sensitively and effectively with low risk women in the second and third trimester


About Trainer Suzanne Yates

Suzanne is a body-worker and birth educator, BA (Hons), DipHSEC, MRSS(T), APNT, PGCE

Suzanne has been developing a holistic approach to maternity since 1989. Motivated by her first pregnancy, she began to deepen her professional shiatsu and massage work to specialise in maternity care. She established ‘Well Mother’ in 1990, teaching shiatsu, massage and exercise to women and their partners in Bristol, UK, to help them connect with the wisdom of their body.

As well as her clinical work in Bristol, she runs training courses world wide for massage/shiatsu therapists, midwives and childbirth educators. She has written 3 books; “Shiatsu for Midwives” (Elsevier 2003), “Beautiful Birth” (for parents, Caroll and Brown 2008) and “Pregnancy and Childbirth (Elsevier 2010). Her passion is in integrating eastern and approaches to provide holistic maternity care.

Find out more about Suzanne’s work or visit Well Mother youtube channel