Workshops, Classes & Events

The Shiatsu College offers a wide variety of workshops, events, short courses, local community grassroots initiatives and more. Courses include introductory Shiatsu workshops, for beginners to find out more about this wonderful healing art, as well as a rolling programme of related topics for all levels, from complete beginners to master classes. Workshops vary between the regional Branches and are updated regularly

Workshops are for:

  • Complete beginners – to gain practical skills in working with your own energies and in helping others
  • Complementary Therapists – to add to the skills you already have
  • Professional Shiatsu Practitioner Diploma students 
  • All Shiatsu students, practitioners & teachers – to develop and expand your practice of Shiatsu and energy work

For CPD opportunities please visit, join the New Energy Work Emailing list to receive news or check with your local branch

Shiatsu College Residential

The Shiatsu College’s famously popular Residential has changed format in recent years and combined with our annual Teachers’ Meeting. We’ve opened it out to invite all students: welcoming 1st Year Acupressure Certificate level and 2nd Year Zen Shiatsu students, as well as 3rd year Diploma students and all past Graduates! Click here for more details.


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Treating Hands & Feet using Acupressure @ Wellbeing Centre, Norwich
Feb 24 @ 9:30 am – 1:30 pm
Treating Hands & Feet using Acupressure @ Wellbeing Centre, Norwich | Norwich | United Kingdom

The feet take so much weight and the hands do most of our work – here is a great way to thank them and to calm body and mind too!

* Learn a simple routine to treat the feet and hands with deep yet sensitive pressure
* Learn key Acupressure points for relaxation
* Learn how to treat others and yourself

Ideal if you want to come in pairs (partners, friends, parent and child) or for professionals, such as nurses and carers, wanting to learn simple energywork massage techniques

This workshop is a great addition for practising therapists, for sharing with a friend or partner, and for those just starting to look into simple treatment techniques. Notes will be provided but please bring paper and pen too. Fresh socks a preference (but I’ll bring some with me). Open to complete beginners.