Workshops, Classes & Events

The Shiatsu College offers a wide variety of workshops, events, short courses, local community grassroots initiatives and more. Courses include introductory Shiatsu workshops, for beginners to find out more about this wonderful healing art, as well as a rolling programme of related topics for all levels, from complete beginners to master classes. Workshops vary between the regional Branches and are updated regularly

Workshops are for:

  • Complete beginners – to gain practical skills in working with your own energies and in helping others
  • Complementary Therapists – to add to the skills you already have
  • Professional Shiatsu Practitioner Diploma students 
  • All Shiatsu students, practitioners & teachers – to develop and expand your practice of Shiatsu and energy work

For CPD opportunities please visit, join the New Energy Work Emailing list to receive news or check with your local branch

Shiatsu College Residential

The Shiatsu College’s famously popular Residential has changed format in recent years and combined with our annual Teachers’ Meeting. We’ve opened it out to invite all students: welcoming 1st Year Acupressure Certificate level and 2nd Year Zen Shiatsu students, as well as 3rd year Diploma students and all past Graduates! Click here for more details.


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The Norwich Shiatsu College branch has a quarterly e-mailing list which sends you up to date information on regional workshops to your inbox! Visit the Norwich Branch page to sign up.


Holistic Acupressure online taster session @ Online
Sep 6 @ 10:30 am – 11:30 am

Exploring our energies through movement & acupoints

Our monthly Sunday sessions through the Summer have been a great success, and September’s date is the last chance to get an online flavour of our classes before the beginning of our courses on 26/27 September.

We’re repeating the format but with different content – this time getting in touch with our own channels through gentle stretching and then working a major acupoint on each: so you will have some useful points to practices on yourself and others!

If you’ve attended any of the previous online sessions you are welcome again, to build your knowledge and experience.  Those new to the College and curious about our work are encouraged to give it a try.  And if you have a friend who might be interested or who could benefit from this work please forward this newsletter to them.

If you are considering studying Holistic Acupressure this is a great way to get a direct experience of what you can learn and achieve.

To sum up – all are welcome to join!

The hour will be followed by time to ask questions about The Shiatsu College, the 1 year Holistic Acupressure Certificate course and our 3 year Shiatsu Diploma course.

To register for this event please email the Shiatsu College.

The session is free but if you would like, please make a donation via

Introduction to Holistic Acupressure @ Brighton
Sep 26 – Sep 27 all-day

sun and cupped handsEnjoy a weekend of exploring your energy body through Acupressure, Qigong, stretches, exercises and meditations.

Introduction to the fundamentals that underpin an understanding and experience of our vitality, from ancient Daoist Yin/Yang theory through to modern science.

All welcome  – beginners, improvers and therapists wanting to broaden their skills.

This is the first weekend of our Holistic Acupressure Certificate course, so if you’ve enjoyed this weekend you can easily enrol on the full course.

For more information and to register for the morning please contact Debbie on 01273 782872 or email us.