Meridian Yoga Teacher Training

Meridian Yoga offers a unique Teacher Training. Vanda Scaravelli inspired an approach to Yoga that encourages you to ‘undo the doing’.  Whatever your experience of Yoga may be, we can support you to use gravity and the wave of the breath to ‘awaken’ your spine, your body, your mind and your spirit

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  • Open to Yoga practitioners from different traditions with a minimum of 2 years experience
  • Prepares you for professional practice as a Yoga teacher
  • Part-time weekend study
  • Creative and flexible approach to study for 2 years
  • Unique formal Government-recognised teaching qualification – the Level 4 Certificate of Education and Training option

Attention to the breath, to the connection to the ground, to alignment of the spine and flow of energy in the body, all resonate throughout the art and science of both Yoga and Shiatsu. The Shiatsu College has been teaching these arts for 30 years and we can provide you with the tools to teach your own Yoga. At the same time, you will learn Yoga according to the philosophy of Scaravelli, explore the meridian system and its relationship to Yoga and discover the latest developments in the understanding of human energetics.


What will I learn?

  • Footprints of Yoga, knowledge and practice – the philosophical roots of Yoga and the building blocks of energy work
  • Anatomy of the energy body – postural alignment and the breath
  • The power of breath – how the breath can lead to infinite discoveries in your practice.
  • Matrix of Meridians – learn how Yoga asanas relate to the meridians and their functions
  • Tranquility in Movement: the Yin and Yang of Yogalearn how to strengthen the core with more complicated poses, balances and sequences.
  • The Practice of Teaching – consolidates the teaching aspect of the course

Annie Cryar and Rosabella Jordan, run this course. They are both highly experienced Yoga teachers and Shiatsu practitioners. Rosabella’s Yoga teacher training, ‘The Footprints of Yoga’, ran for 15 years at Morley College, Westminster. Annie established the Shiatsu College Hastings in 2000. The Shiatsu College’s international reputation for professional excellence extends beyond its practitioner programmes to teacher training and sharing updated research into energy medicine. It is unique in being accredited by an Ofqual approved accrediting body, Laser Learning Awards.


Who is the course for?

  • You need to have had a regular Yoga practice for two years to apply
  • It is not necessary to have experience of the approach of Vanda Scaravelli and/or a knowledge of the meridian system
  • This is a 500hour, two-year course. 364 of those hours are direct contact time. Certified by the Independent Yoga Network (IYN).


Find out more

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