Shiatsu College Brighton


Brighton Open Day  –  Saturday 2 September

between 11am and 4pm

Find out all about studying Shiatsu and Acupressure, including free Qigong classes and Shiatsu treatment!  Everybody’s welcome, whether you are interested in joining our Holistic Acupressure Certificate course, our Shiatsu Diploma course, our Saturday morning Grassroots sessions or just interested in finding out about Qi based bodywork.

Drop in whenever suits you best.  The timetable for the day is:

11 – 12am  Qigong and Ki awareness class
12 – 3pm   information, treatments, tea!
3 – 4pm     Qigong and Ki awareness class

Our 2017 – 18 classes start on 7 October  –  for all our dates & fees please see below.

A bit about the Brighton branch

The Brighton branch of the Shiatsu College is based at the Sussex MS Centre, a beacon of integrated healthcare in the region. Our students come from all along the south coast and over the years, together we have built a supportive, effective network of clinics and events that offer students abundant practical experience that is so beneficial for becoming a professional practitioner. At the Brighton branch you can study short, grassroots courses for your own wellbeing through to accredited Holistic Acupressure and Shiatsu trainings.


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The Sussex Multiple Sclerosis Centre, Southwick Recreation Ground, Croft Avenue, Southwick, West Sussex, BN42 4AB


01273 782872


Dates for 2017/18:

Term 1

Oct 7-8 2017
Nov 4-5
Dec 9-10

Term 2

Jan 13-14 2018
Feb 10-11
Mar 3-4
(Mar 16 – 19: The Residential: included in Yr 3, optional for Yrs 1 & 2)*

Term 3

Apr 21-22
May 19-20
June 2-3
June 30/July 1
July 14-15

* The College runs a very popular annual Residential course as part of the Diploma training. This is now open to all levels, including post-graduate students. Diploma students are required to attend the Residential as part of their Year 3

Fees for 2017/18:

Year 1

(Acupressure Certificate)

(includes online Anatomy course)

Year 2

(Shiatsu Diploma)

(includes online Physiology & Pathology course)

Year 3

(Shiatsu Diploma)

(includes online Physiology & Pathology course; March Residential)

All fees include registration with LASER learning for course accreditation.

Additional Workshops & Classes:

Oct 7 @ 10:00 am – 1:15 pm Brighton
This session gives an overview of the energy-body through movement, visualisation and exercises.  Introduction to contacting our energies, connecting to our internal and external power These morning sessions are for people who are: interested in[...]

Please click here to visit the Workshops & Classes page for a list of all of the events from every branch of the Shiatsu College

Brighton Teaching Team:

Debbie Collins MRSS(T) Branch Principal

Debbie Collins has over 20 years experience of teaching Shiatsu and working as a Shiatsu practitioner. She is inspired by the power of integrated medicine and making the benefits, practice and principles of Shiatsu accessible and understandable to all. She has Shiatsu practices in Brighton, UK and The Hague, Netherlands.  She is a Shiatsu Society Assessor, Qigong teacher and also a qualified Massage Therapist. She has extensive experience in treating psychological and substance misuse issues through Pathways to Health.

Matt Woods MRSS(T)

Matt Woods enjoys the magical mix of the profound and the humorous, in both his daily life and his teaching of Shiatsu. He is a Sei-Ki, Qigong and Taiji practitioner as well as a Shiatsu practitioner with experience in palliative care for people living with HIV & AIDS. He currently works at the Brighton Housing Trust Detox & Recovery Projects. Matt has had a lifelong interest in self-development and energy work, which grew originally from a meditation and yoga practice. As well as Shiatsu Matt continues to study and practise Sei-Ki.

Annie Cryar BSc Cert.Ed(1974) MRSS(T)

Annie is Principal of the Shiatsu College, Hastings. She started her career as a teacher in primary schools in the early 1970s and her interest in the art of teaching continues to the present day. Annie has a wide range of teaching experience and has mentored teacher-trainees in both mainstream education and for the UK Shiatsu Society. Annie is a member of the Shiatsu Society’s teacher trainer panel and has worked with The Shiatsu College teacher training programme, she has also assisted on the National College of School Leadership, a professional programme for head teachers. She gained a qualification in Internal Verification in 2010. Annie was inspired to practise Qigong through the teaching of Nicola Ley and Paul Lundberg and has more recently studied with Sifu Wing Cheung. She has taught Qigong, Yoga and Shiatsu for the past nineteen years. She is committed to helping students find the best in themselves to teach the form, the essence and the spirit of Qigong.