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Welcome to the Brighton Branch of The Shiatsu College.

The next Holistic Acupressure Certificate and Professional Shiatsu Practitioner Diploma courses start in September 2020 and we are taking registrations now.  We are also offering the 1st weekend as an Introduction to Holistic Acupressure, so if you want to know what a full weekend of studying is like before committing to the full year, or just want some simple techniques to practice of family and friends, this is a great option.

The Brighton College branch is based at the Sussex MS Centre, a beacon of integrated healthcare in the South East area. Our students come from all over the region and over the years, together we have built a supportive, effective network of clinics and events that offer students abundant practical experience that is so beneficial for becoming a professional practitioner.

Our plans for the coming year are flexible to ensure for any uncertainties regarding  Coronavirus measures.  So, once the year has started, we will provide you with a minimum of 9 full face to face weekends by extending the year as necessary, the other 2 being online.  Fingers crossed we won’t have to and all the weekends can be at the lovely MS Centre!


The Sussex Multiple Sclerosis Centre, Southwick Recreation Ground, Croft Avenue, Southwick, West Sussex, BN42 4AB


01273 782872


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Fees for 2020/21:

Year 1

(Acupressure Certificate)

(includes online Anatomy course & LASER registration)

Year 2

(Shiatsu Diploma)

(includes online Physiology & Pathology course)

Year 3

(Shiatsu Diploma)

(includes online Physiology & Pathology course, National Residential & LASER registration)

Please make contact and we will send you a registration form.  Secure your place by returning the completed registration form and paying the non-refundable deposit of £250. (if the course is undersubscribed we reserve the right to cancel or postpone, in which case your deposit will be returned to you swiftly.) 

The balance of the fees can be paid in 10 monthly instalments from October to July. 

Although we offer easy payments terms, starting the course does make you liable to pay the full balance of the fees, whether you complete the course or not.

Dates for 2020/21:

Term 1

Sept 26/27
Oct 17/18

Nov 14/15

Dec 12/13

Term 2

Jan 9/10

Feb 6/7

March 6/7

March 19 – 22 is our National Residential.

Term 3

April 17/18

May 15/16

June 12/13

July 10/11

* The College runs a very popular annual Residential course as part of the Diploma training. This is now open to all levels, including post-graduate students. Diploma students are required to attend the Residential as part of their Year 3

Additional Workshops & Classes:

Please click here to visit the Workshops & Classes page for a list of all of the events from every branch of the Shiatsu College

Brighton Teaching Team:

Debbie Collins FwSS

Debbie has over 20 years experience of teaching Shiatsu and working as a Shiatsu practitioner.  Inspired by the power of integrated medicine her aim is making the benefits, practice and principles of Shiatsu accessible and understandable to all.  As well as teaching and practising in  Brighton, UK she has over the past 5 years built a practice in The Hague, Netherlands and is teaching at CSMBK.  Debbie is a Shiatsu Society  Assessor, Qigong teacher and also a qualified Massage Therapist. She has extensive experience in treating psychological and substance misuse issues through Pathways to Health and chronic conditions through working at Sussex Multiple Sclerosis Centre.

Claire Gilliver FwSS

Claire has a thriving Shiatsu practice in Brighton and Lewes; specialising in psychological and emotional health. Also working at Southdown’s Housing Trust, Mental Health Recovery Centre; taking Shiatsu out into the community. Her teaching style and humour, brings the theory side of the course to life and opens up students’ potential.  As well as Shiatsu she teaches Qigong.

Angie Hell FwSS

Angie has been working with Shiatsu in both Brighton and Shoreham and has been teaching with the Shiatsu College since 2017.  Her attention to detail and grasp of Shiatsu theory make her the go-to person for tricky questions!